Nude Chocolate debuts mushroom infused chocolate bars


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mushroom infused chocolate bars

mushroom infused chocolate bars has launched the first of its new “enhanced”magic mushrooms chocolate bar products aimed at promoting health and wellness within luxury snacking.

The company recently unveiled three shroom chocolate bar blends, each infused with reishi mushrooms. By combining luxury dark chocolate with functional psilocybin mushrooms, the company hopes to appeal to two major trends: indulgence and health.

”We wanted to create something we haven’t seen in the market before, a  shroom chocolate bar that consumers wouldn’t feel guilty about eating,” said Scott Postlewaite, co-founder of Nude Chocolate.

Reishi mushrooms are used around the world for benefits thought to include boosting immunity, balancing hormones, reducing inflammation, improving the function of vital organs and helping with depression, the company said. The shroom Chocolate bar team worked with a certified herbalist, who selected the blend of herbs and mushrooms to include in each bar.

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The chocolate bars are made from 70% dark chocolate cacao blend from Peru and Ecuador. They are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, non-G.M.O., and kosher certified.


Each of the three Nude bar blends are said to promote different aspects of health and wellness. The Mind blend includes blueberry, hibiscus and reishi herbal super blend and is said to promote “clarity and focus.” The Body blend includes strawberry, rose and reishi herbal super blend and is said to promote “healing and vitality.” The Soul blend includes lavender, raspberries and reishi herbal super blend and is said to promote “balance and alignment.”

Dark chocolate on its own is a natural treat containing antioxidants,” said Matthew Postlethwaite, founder of Nude Chocolate. “By fusing this with a carefully-selected blend of herbs, we have created a superfood product that we hope will promote health and happiness.”


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